Saturday, September 19, 2015

Santa Claus Rocket Ship

Phyllis Hamilton

Santa Claus Rocket Ship
Larry Edwards, Beycor Publishing BMI

Hark Records #500
Marion, Ohio

Little Phyllis Hamilton was a regular on "Ohio State Country Round-Up" presented each Saturday night at the Ohio State Fairgrounds and aired 11-12 p.m. over WMNI (emcee : Jimmy Stout). She was later one of the performers at The Paint Valley Jamboree from its debut, formed in 1965 by James Sweeney, of Bainbridge, and Lou Harris, of Portsmouth. 

She gave up music for 40 years until the owner of the Jamboree convinced her to come back recently.   You can see one of her recent performance  here

As Phyllis Ann, she recorded on Karl Records (1961) and as Phyllis Ann Hamilton on Shenandoah (1964-1965).

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