Friday, February 5, 2016

Billy Brown

Ray Willis
(The Piccadilly Hillbilly)

Billy Brown

Pic 3019


Ray Willis had a long association with Atlanta's Pic Records, as all songs on this label, excepted the one by The Frantics, were written or co-written by him and all published by DeLong Pub. Co. owned by Pete DeLong, who was also probably the owner of the label.

Ray Willis was associated with RCA's Jerry Reed and managed his Vector Music publishing company during his big hits "Amos Moses" and "When You're Hot You're Hot".   He also wrote several songs with Ronnie Sessions. In 1974, he was V-P and general manager of World Music Corporation whose board of directors included Faron Young and Porter Wagoner.  

Probably not to be confused with the country singer and copper-miner who came from Colorado (LP on Alshire Records), nor with the rockabilly singer on Jan Records ("Whatta Ya Do", 1958), nor with the songwriter of "Beatnik's Wish" (Patsy Raye & The Beatniks, Roulette Records, 1959).  But who knows? 

Still, I can't find any explanation for the "Piccadilly Hillbilly" billing on label.  Did he came from London before moving to Georgia?
Pic Records
DeLong Pub co.
1112 DeKalb Ave., N.E. Atlanta
1199 Arbor Vista Dr. N. E.  Atlanta

62 —2069/70  Ray Valenti & The Queens Men
For You, My Love / Fire Beneath The Snow

64 —3001/2 Lee Duncan 
Millie Gets The Willies / Cargo Of Tears

65 —3005/6  The Frantics
Why /  (Do The) Jack-Knife

66 —3007/8  Charlie "Chuck" Waggon
So Near, Yet So Far Away / Gonna Stick To You

6x —3016 Charlie "Chuck" Waggon  
Wishy Washy Love / ?

6x —3019 Ray Willis (The Piccadilly Hillbilly)
Billy Brown / Mary, Oh Mary

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