Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ollie Wotnot

R.J. & The Carvells

Ollie Wotnot

Dick Manning
Topper Music (ASCAP)
Rory 719
The Rory John Company (A division of Lyle Stuart, Inc.)
239 Park Avenue South, New York 3
1963 or later?

The flip, "The Frog", is credited to R J & The Carvells featuring T & C    (Tony Tirado and Carlos Gonzales, two former members of the Brooklyn group The Untouchables on Alan K Records, also issued as by Little John & The Unforgettables).

"Ollie Wotnot" was previously recorded by
Ollie Wotnot himself for Cinema Records in 1961

Lyle Stuart (1922-2006) author and independent publisher of controversial books, was born in New York to a shoe salesman and a secretary.  His father committed suicide when he was six..

Shortly after serving in the Merchant Marine during World War II (and being torpedoed twice), Stuart edited Music Business, a trade paper published by an organization that helped songwriters popularize their wares.   As a young man, Stuart wrote songs, several of which were published by Chappell.   One of his country songs written with Dick Manning , "Someone Left That Golden Gate Open," was recorded by  Spade Cooley

Among the songs Stuart wrote was one for J.C. Penney, whom he had met while he was a wire-service reporter in Columbus, Ohio. Stuart, an atheist, wrote "Go to Church on Sunday Morning" for the devout Penney in hopes it would be sold in all of Penney's stores. It wasn't.


An ordinary day at the Lyle Stuart office
On the couch, actress, stripper and author Liz Renay rests from literary labors
LIFE 11 Jun 1971


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