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The Borland Sisters
Dick Schopf And The Townsmen

Blondie & Slide Rule

Knotty 5582
Date:  Oct 1955

From Seattle, Washington.  Composers of Tattoo are the owners of the labels.  Blondie was Hazel Peard Vigars, also known as Blondy.and Blondy Rule.   Slide Rule was Ernie Vigars (Ernest Powell Vigars), also known as V. Knotty. 

That's the latter name he used in 1958 when he was "one of the several platter spinners and music or programming execs" who answered to Billboard in response the following question : Can deejays "educate" listeners musically and still conform to current trends in music and recorded talent?   
Billboard, June 9, 1958 page 9

"All the monkey antics devised can't sell it.  Deejays will be replaced by automation, unless they return to artistry and honesty."

V. Knotty

So, at least, we have now a picture of Ernie Vigars...
(but none of the Borland Sisters unfortunately)

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