Thursday, November 7, 2019

Mama, Forgive Your Truckin' Man

Mama, Forgive Your Truckin' Man

From Manchester, Pennsylvania, here is Edna Mae Henning (born in 1941) on her own Henning Surprise label. According to waxidermy, she wrote over 10,000 songs. 

Discography (all on Henning Surprise, late 70s and 80s)

VMRFP-1164   (1978)
Mama, Forgive Your Truckin' Man    
Humming A Country Song    
Tune In Your C.B.
If You See My Baby

HSR 345
He Left Me
Give Me Time To Cry

HSR 001
I Can't Get Over You    
You're The Reason

NRF-45-289 (PS)   1980
It's Love, Love, Love    
Walking And Talking Over You

Please Mr. Dee-Jay
Getting The Blues Over You

Someday Darling    
Your Baby Wait's At Home

NRF-45-101 (PS)
Doggone It You Slipped And Gone    
Me And My Piano    
I'm Gonna Play This Ole Piano (No. 2)    
Come Back And Try Me One More Time

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