Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Big Cat

From "King Records of Cincinnati", book by Randy McNutt :

Kentucky native Ray « Orangie » Hubbard worked in a Cincinnati automobile factory by day and played music by night. In the 1950s, the singer-songwriter recorded hot rockabilly for El Rader’s Lucky Records and other small Cincinnati labels, and by the mid- 1960s he was recording for King Records.

The company issued singles such as « Peepin’ Tom », and Hubbard was hopeful. « But then Syd Nathan died, » he said. « That left me in limbo. » He continued to perform in nightclubs around town and gained a reputation as a country and rockabilly original. « When I joined King, » he remembered, « Mr Nathan said, « Look, boy you ain’t the best damn singer I ever heard, but you’re not the worst. Here’s a contract. Make up your mind. »


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  1. Orangie was my great-grandmother's nephew. He's always been a legend in my family. He passed away this weekend.