Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Miss Hilton Hammond

Miss Hilton Hammond-: We're Voting For Wallace For president b/w Won't You Come Home George Wallace
Label: Rooster
This is actually anti-Wallace. Vote for him for president to get him out of Alabama! -1968
Also released on her own Hammond label.

We're Voting For Wallace For President

When Miss Hilton Hammond presented two songs critical of George Wallace to K-Ark records where she was under contract, they told her there was no way they would release them. So she recorded them in Birmingham and released them herself on Hammond Records, Ink. Side two is "Won't You Come Home George Wallace" and simply argues that Wallace should stay at home and off the presidential campaign trail. It's sung to "Bill Bailey" played on the piano

K-Ark 744
Giving It Away / Misery And I

Hilton Hammond, known professionally as Miss Hilton Hammond due to some confusion generated by her first release on K-Ark. People were asking why the guy who cut the record sounded like a woman, so she made her gender unmistakable on later records.

Butterbeans b/w Runnin' Bare
Rooster records 5

Miss Hilton singing about her love for butterbeans, ham and cornbread. Miss Hilton says she loves those butterbeans so much, that she wants them on her grave when she dies, instead of flowers.

Probably also on the Rooster label, "Charlie" which she wrote based on an overheard conversation about a planned knife attack, was anthologized on the Collector Records CD "Girls Girls Rockin'"


A recent picture of Miss Hilton Hammond
[Photo credit : Alabamalama blog )

Acknowlegments : All information about Miss Hilton Hammond was found at the Alabamalama blog.
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