Sunday, May 8, 2011

Santa is Rockin' & Rollin'

Lola Records 101
1347 W. Thompson Place - San Antonio – Texas

A - Bob Granato and the Nocturnes
I Just Want Your Kiss For Christmas
(Lola V. Gilmore, TNT Music)

B - Bill Parker and his Orchestra
Santa is Rockin' & Rollin'
(Lola V. Gilmore)

Santa is Rockin' & Rollin'

Listed in Rockin' Country Style . But the label has an incorrect address. Also Bill Parker is actually not the artist found on the "I Just Want" side.

Regarding the date of the record, Bob Solly states in Record Collector (UK, December 2002 issue) that :

"You’d be coughing up the wrong Christmas conifer if you thought this track was cut in 1955.

Although there are no clues to the release date on the label, the number scratched into the run-off groove (TSS Y650930A) traces the mastering to Jeff Smith’s Texas Sound Studio, San Antonio, on 30th September, 1965. This dating code, usually found on later Texas Sound Studio recordings made for labels like Sarg and Wildcat, is missing on the Bob Granato side (…) a daft, echo-clad, sentimental ballad backed by a tinselly xylophone – presumably meaning that it was cut elsewhere »
Final remark, this Bill Parker is obviously NOT the Bill Parker on Goldband, who was a black Louisiana drummer and bandleader.



  1. Real cool. Nice 1955 rockabilly sound for a 1965 release.

  2. Or Lola (CA) which issued the Ric-A-Shays on Lola 002 with "Turn on / Groovy (1964) BJ's 45rpm guide says Bill Parker is 1966 sounds about right