Monday, May 30, 2011

You You You

Glen Campbell With The Glen-Aires

You You You

Ceneco Records



Glenn Campbell second record on the Ceneco label owned by Coy Zeigler.

Glenn, at the time (1958), was in Albuquerque playing in his uncle Dick Bills band, singing in the Chersterfield Club.



  1. According to a old list I have the flip is "I Wonder" He also had "Dreams For Sale" on Ceneco (NM) 45 - 1324 Sorry don't know the flip title. The list says 1961? for this one & 1962? for the one you have posted. Guess it's wrong.

  2. The record dates in Billboard new release on 9/08/1958. It was recorded at KOB studios; the two songwriter credits are George Mahoney, who I believe was the engineer, and Art Tillery, a personality at the station. The "Glen-Aires" were a local barbershop quartet, the Singchromatics. I spoke to three of the four Singchromatics on the phone some years ago. Coy Zeigler bankrolled the two records (Ceneco 1324, "Dreams for Sale"/"I've Got to Win." The Singchromatics told me Coy Zeigler was a housepainter in the area, though I've found he had some copyrights and placed a song "Help's On the Way" by Buddy Cagle on Imperial 66218 and Lp Imperial 9318/12318. I believe the address was Glen Campbell's residence at the time. Coy pressed 300 copies of each single, I believe in Phoenix, Arizona--the typeface on Ceneco 1324 matches some of Weldon Rogers' JeWel 45s.

    I can be reached at I'm looking for information about Hob Nob Records, PO box 51, in Hobbs, New Mexico. And anything about Coy Zeigler, I believe born 1920.

    1. Hello,
      My name is Michelle Zeigler, Coy was my grandpa. He passed away in 1997. You can contact me at
      I will answer any questions that I am able to.