Sunday, April 14, 2013

Crying In The Chapel

Little Richard

Atlantic Records

This is for Lee who searched and searched. 

This Little Richard version was a minor hit in Hartford, Connecticut in March/April 1963.


  1. Thanks!!! And this is it, for sure. The Yes label 45 uses the same arrangement (i.e., a copy thereof). Thanks for clearing up the mystery!

    Well, actually, now we have the mystery of why a minor hit would rate a copycat version, given that the cheapies tended to cover only the biggest hits. Maybe S.P.C. cut some kind of deal with Atlantic, or vice versa?

    My searching and searching begins anew. (-:


    P.S.--Sorry about the word verification, which is beyond inconvenient. Problem is, I'm bombarded with spam if I don't use it. As in, per the hour.

  2. If this was a minor hit in Hartford, CT, I am surprised that WDRC-FM has not played it now and then. Hard to believe that this is Little Richard.

  3. Nothing to add except to say I LOVE it!