Friday, April 26, 2013

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Dora Hall

Calamo Records

Produced and recorded in Hollywood ( probably by H.B. Barnum ).   What is the most remarkable about Dora Hall is her perserverence...  She was not good, she was not bad, she was just... boring.

All about Dora Hall here :
DORA'S WORLD: The Unofficial DORA HALL Website
Paying loving tribute to the Queen of Solo Cups -- and of "vanity entertainment"!
DORA HALL was the undisputed queen of vanity entertainment. Dora's husband was Leo Hulseman, the founder of the immensely successful Solo Cup Company, and a man who was quite happy to delve into Solo's apparently bottomless coffers to finance dozens of record releases by his wife, all of which were given away free of charge with packages of plastic cups and plates during the 1960's. Not content with her "success" in the record business, in the 1970's and 1980's Dora branched out with several full-blown Solo-financed TV specials designed to make her a star--despite the fact that she was an elderly grandmother with limited show business experience.

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