Sunday, June 14, 2015

Go Away Shadow

Sherree Scott
(Sherree Scott, Portland Music Co., BMI)

Crosby 8

Born Virginia A. Scott in Kentucky, but raised in Florida. Moved to Oregon at the age of 16. 
She has toured many sections of the United States, Hawaii and Canada.  In addition to writing all her records, Miss Scott composed several other songs, including "Oregon Is God's Own Country," the Oregon centennial song.   Sherree Scott was managed by Mark Raymer, from Houston (who also managed Link Davis at that time).  Both moved for a  short period to Union Beach, New Jersey in 1960-1961 where Sherree Scott had her own live country music show heard each Sunday at 5:30 p.m. on WFHA-FM  while Mark Raymer was spinning country records at the same radio.

She became an evangelist and recorded a religious LP for Robbins Records with two of her young daughters, Melodee and Shirlee.  
In the seventies, she resided in Florida where her Foundation For Christ, Universal Evangelistic Miracle And Music Fellowship, Inc. was based.
She died in 1993, survived by 7 children.

Her discography at RCS


  1. is their any chance that you could repost Sherree Scott-Go Away Shadow, Please. Brian. UK

  2. See my last post. Jayne says it all.