Monday, June 22, 2015

Across The Street From The Chapel

The Charms


D. Barnett, Candle Glo Music, BMI
Candle Glo S-5012
Candle Glo Records 
Bennie Dillon Bldg, Nashville, Tenn.

The Charms, three girls from Caryville, Tennessee were graduates of Hacksboro High School.   The Charms have been singing together since they were small children, and have appeared many places over East Tennessee.  In 1963, they won first place at the state-wide Beta Club Convention talent show in Nashville.  They had their own rock' n roll band.   Margie Bullock played the electric guitar, Ann Harness piano and Susie Harness the drums.  

Among the members of the band accompanying the Charms on this record were Boots Randolph, Bobby Moore, Pig Robbins and The Jordanaires.


  1. Could you please reupload this link. I have tried to play this song but link is unfortunately dead. I found this excellent site yesterday.

  2. New link, Chuck. Thanks for your interest.

  3. Bob,
    Thank you so much for this. I certainly do appreciate it. Is there any chance of having the other side of this record too?
    I have been looking for it but I have never seen it on Ebay or other sites.


    1. Yes Chuck, there is a chance:

      "What Happens To Me"

  4. OMG. Thank you so very much! You certainly made my day.