Wednesday, July 1, 2015

San Antonio Rose

 Art Erikson and The Playboys

 San Antonio Rose 
 (Public Domain)

Hawkeye 6530

Hawkeye was a subsidiary of Arc Recorders, which was a recording studio located at 3291 Tweedy Boulevard, South Gate, California, owned by Jerry Cooper (of Bruce and Jerry on Arwin ?)

Another Art Erikson record (on the Byeric label) can be found here

San Antonio Rose originally was an instrumental written in 1938 by Bob Wills who added lyrics two years later :

"When I was a very young man, I was living in Roy, New Mexico, working as a barber and playing for dancers on Saturday night. Since most of the population of Roy was Mexican, I wrote a tune for them to dance to and called it 'Spanish Two-Step.' When I did my first recording session with Columbia in 1935, 'Spanish Two-Step' was one of the tunes I recorded. On November 28, 1938, I went to Dallas to record again for Columbia. After we cut several tunes, uncle Art Satherley, who was the A & R man on this session, asked me if I had another tune like 'Spanish Two-Step.' I said, 'No, I don't but if you give me a few minutes, maybe I can come up with something.' In a few minutes I had written and recorded the tune. Uncle Art asked me what I wanted to name the tune. I told him I didn't know. So he said, 'Let's name it "San Antonio Rose."' This was an instrumental and it sold very well. The recording company asked me to record it again with lyrics. I worked for two years before finally finishing the words and recorded 'New San Antonio Rose' in April 1940." —Bob Wills

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