Thursday, July 16, 2015

Double Bubble

Larry Brinkley
Lee McAlpin-Randy Wilson
Lyn-Lou Music BMI

Magic 3011
Earliest releases on the Magic label had a Memphis address, later releases a Middleton, Tennessee address.  Magic Records was owned by Jimmy Darnell and Lee McAlpin. 
From Jackson, Tennessee Larry Brinkley recorded locally for Jaxon (unissued cuts) and Charlie Roach's Westwood.  See his discography in the Rockin' Country Style website.

When the rockabilly days were over, Larry teamed with Lee McAlpin (who played piano with Carl Perkins' band) and they wrote songs together, notably "The Man in the House", recorded by Loretta Lynn.

This is one of the last (or the last) release on the label, more obscure than the earlier Larry Brinkley offering on the label which was "Right String, But Wrong Yo Yo" (Magic 3004)


  1. New to me & a nice Rocker for 1965 Cheers D

  2. Can you please give us the B-Side title? RCS mentions "That'll Get It". Do have the label name and number of this record? Thanks.