Wednesday, July 8, 2015

He's Got The Whole World (in his hands)

Gene Princeton
Vandanburg BMI


This is Gene Rambo.  "He's Got The Whole World" was recorded at the suggestion of Gene Vincent.
“Man”, recalls Gene Rambo, “After I saw Gene Vincent I said forget Elvis – It was pure excitement from the start to finish”. His brother Bobby remembers too: “All of us were Vincent Nuts, Man! If he made some wild stage move, we’d pick up on it and do it too!”

Gene Rambo, a.k.a. Gene Princeton

Gene Rambo and the Flames were key figures on the Dallas scene since '56 when Gene and 16 year old guitar rippin' Lil' bro Bobby caught the Elvis bug.  They lay down a pair of ruff covers of recent Presley faves "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and "Don't Be Cruel" that never got beyond a scratchy pass around acetate.  It was a cool start for the Flames, but it was the tornado-like roar like Gene Vincent into town that turned the entire Big D, in particular the Rambos, into one mojo jumpin' bean. (from the notes of the No Hit LP "the Desperate Dallas Demos")

The Flames became the house band at Pattie’s Teen Club and later at the Irving Youth Center. In May of ’57, The Flames won first prize at the Big D Jamboree’s weekly talent show and came back for ten weeks with the support from their all chicks fan club “The Flamettes”. Those gals used to flash banners stating “The Flames will burn Forever”. Bobby will also back some other performers on recording sessions like Joe Poovey on “Teen Long Fingers” (Dixie 2018) or Scotty Mc Kay, a Blue Caps, on “Rollin’ Dynamite” (Event 4295).  Back at Sellers Studio, Bobby would record great covers of Carl Perkins “Your True Love” and Eddie Cochran’s “C’mon Everybody”.  In Dec 1957, they will play the Big D Jamboree with Charline Arthur, Darrell Glenn, Joe Poovey and Johnny Dollar. Around the same time they also played on the same bill with Country Johnny Mathis, Johnny Horton, Bob Luman, Mac Curtis …


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