Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Nu, Nu, Nu

The Taylor Maids
Bobby Pring's Orchestra
Romano, Bradford (ASCAP)

Eureka 6752

Eureka, the Gold label, division of Stanley and Livingston, Inc. Hollywood, Calif.

The Taylor Maids, three striking decorative blondes, were sisters who answer to the names of Pat, Beverly and Shirley Taylor.   They began their professional careers singing in army hospitals.    Said one sergeant, "Those girls were so darn pretty they didn't have to sing."     Bob Hope discovered them in 1950 and immediately booked them to accompany him on a Korean tour. Hope was so enthralled by the girls that when he made his TV debut he brought the Taylor Maids to New York. 
After four singles for Capitol Records in 1955-1956, Pat called it quits to devote time to her family.  Beverly and Shirley tried to find a third person to keep the act going, without success, and both wound up getting hired in Florida as airline stewardesses. 
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  1. I just read the article, what an amazing life she led. Thanks for th link to the article!