Sunday, July 12, 2015

School Of Love

Cole Younger
J. Gazzaruso, Dixsil Music-Carpino Music

Candix 320

This is John Gazzaruso

"School Of Love" was previously issued on Mercury Records (#71587) as by Johnny Raphael, another Gazzaruso pseudonym.  It's also probably him on the Australian W&G label released as by Johnny Daro (I've not heard this one, but it has to be him).

Johnny Raphael first recorded for Aladdin Records in 1958 (Lonely Road To Nowhere/We're Only Young Once, with Frank Gazzaruso and Orchestra.)

He produced some early P.J. Proby recordings (still known as Jett Powers) at an unknown date (probably in 1959).  Unissued at the time, two of these recordings, "You Got Me Cryin'" backed with "I Need Love", were issued only in 1965 on Johnny Raphael's own Surfside Records

His wife was Rosemary Nibali who was the mother of Tommy Rettig, original star of  "Lassie", the TV series.  (Tommy's father was Elias Rettig)

School of Love 
We're only young once 
Let's rock & roll 
Loving Husband, Father & Grandfather
Johnny Raphael Gazzaruso

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