Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Reverend Bob Presents...

The Reverend Bob Presents...
 23 meanest little tracks from the DeadWax Archives

Rocklector 008

Bell 118-Jay Stevens-Tiger.Mp3                            
Blue Star 503-Alice Grant- Pretty Little Brown Eyes.Mp3   
Breeze- Sharlet Sexton - Since My Baby Put Me Down.Mp3    
Brunswick 55169 Inez Johnston-Big Bad Betty.Mp3                        
Crosby 8  Sherree Scott Go Away Shadow.Mp3                              
Diamond 3001 Gloria Wood -Rock And The Roll.Mp3           
Diamond 3001 Gloria Wood Honey Bee.Mp3                                
Duplex 9002 - Bobby Williams So Blue.Mp3                  
Essex 385-Bo Diddley - Jean Dinning.Mp3                   
MCM TK-12--Ray Flowers& Louise Taylor Hip Happy Hippy.Mp3  
Mongoose Johnny Keyes The Rock  N Roll Squaw.Mp3          
Pak 1900   The Hollywood Treets-  Greenstreet Beat.Mp3                             
Pattern 103 Lem Davis-Hot Chocolate.Mp3                   
Pawn 1201 - The Joy Vendors - Popeye-Line.Mp3                                
Point  - Sentinals -Bony Maronie.Mp3                          
Spice 401 Terry Knight - If I Couldn't Cry.Mp3            
Studio City 1026 -The Furys- Little  Queenie.Mp3          
Summit Dick And Libby- Pizza Sure Is Good .Mp3            
Tiger 102 Juil Noel- I'm A Womans Man-.Mp3                
Tom-Tom-Lan 1000 Ding Dong Daddies  - Shortnin' Bread.Mp3 
Valerie 316 Meanest-Little-Woman.Mp3                      


  1. Shuck, this link is down also!

    1. New link. Thanks fo your interest, doc noc.

  2. Yikes, I still get that Zippyshare "file does not exist" I kept checking but alas nothing. Thanks! LOVE YOUR SITE! The guy on the left side of the page cracks me up! Larry, New ORleans!

  3. Hrmm. Still the same. Where is the new link? LOL! Take care.

  4. Got it! I would of replied earlier, but I do this at work. Lunch time is music time for me! LOL!!!