Friday, August 21, 2015

Long Tall Sally

Lincoln Rand
with The Reveliers

Adona AD-1444

This is the first record of this Hammond, Indiana native whose real name is Robert Dolan.   Dolan founded the short-lived Guild Craft Studios in 1964 and studied philosophy at St. Meinrad Seminary College.   In his seven years of monastery and seminary, Dolan got involved in recruitment films for the priesthood and convent. He starred in a slick film — as a rock singer — but people became more interested in him as a rock singer than as a priest.   In 1972, he got the music bug again. “I simply went and started a single act and by October of 1972 the Celery' Road Show blossomed."

Father Bob Dolan (1965) 

Bob Dolan as Elvis (1977)

Adona Records
East Chicago, Indiana
Owners Frank Dudek, Robert Billen
Years active : 1960-1962

1441 Bob Bilen 
1442 Little Satan and the Easy Rocks
1444 Lincoln Rand
1445 The Jades
1446 Dick DeWayne Combo  

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