Sunday, August 2, 2015

Jazzy Little Mama

Bunny Sigler
(David Reed,  Tinker Music ASCAP)
A Music City Production
Arr. by Dickie Howard

Hi Lo 102

This is the very first record by this Philadelphia soul and r&b artist, " a musician, a singer, a songwriter, a producer, a mentor to others and a man who had rubbed professional shoulders on an equal status with such legendary Philadelphia icons as Bobby Caldwell, Bobby Martin, David White, John Madara, Len Barry, Linda Creed, Cindy Scott and of course The Mighty Three triumvirate of Gamble, Huff and Bell"

It's almost impossible to find reliable information on the Bunny Sigler recording early days and their chronology, even from the usually dependable ones.   The best source of information I've found about the early career of Bunny Sigler in the late fifties is this article from 2013 by Dave Moore found here    (although Hi Lo is spelled Hi Low...)
I've not be able to find much about who was behind this record.  Surely Frank Pingatore was closely associated with its production, but I can't imagine him as a label owner.  Frank Pingatore owned Tinker Music, the publishing company and wrote songs for Steve Gibson and the Red Caps who had the two other known records on this tiny Hi Lo Philadelphia label.  The Music City credited for the production is perhaps the music store and concert venue on 18th Street and Chesnut in Center City opened in 1947 by a drummer named Ellis Tollin and his business partner, William Welsh.

Frank J. Pingatore, Jr.
Frank Pingatore of Wilmington, Delaware passed away December 17, 2012 at the age of 82.

The son of the late Frank and Margaret Pingatore, he was the longtime owner of Pingatore Hair Designs. Prior to owning Pingatore Hair Designs, Frank was in the music business for many years. He began playing trumpet at an early age and became an accomplished professional player and had his own orchestra. He studied with Rhinehart for advanced trumpet skills and performed pop, jazz and rhythm & blues.

Frank attended Julliard for Composition and Theory and was a member of the ASCAP (American Society Composers, Authors, & Publishers) since 1955. He wrote many songs at an early age, and was the founder of Tinker Music Publishers. In 1953 Frank was presented a song, "Around the Clock," to revise, arrange, and rehearse with Bill Haley and the Comets. He arranged the union of country with rhythm & blues, wrote a new intro and revised the lyrics giving birth to "Rock Around the Clock"! He worked on many of Bill Haley and the Comets early hits, writing "Two Hound Dogs" and "Happy Baby," as well as writing for the Jodimars.

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