Friday, August 7, 2015

Miss Ann

Harold Horn
E. Johnson - R. Penniman
Venice Music, BMI
Produced by Bobby Wayne

Jerden 750

Harold Horn was rhythm guitarist in the Bobby Wayne band.  Because Harold is an Indian, Bobby Wayne called his band The Warriors.   Harold Horn can be heard here as the vocalist of the Bobby Wayne band singing Long Lean Baby, a song unissued at the time.

Not sure at all about who was the mysterious Enotris Johnson, composer of Miss Ann, Jenny Jenny and Long Tall Sally, all sung by Little Richard and composer of no other songs.  According to some sources, Enotris Johnson adopted a young Richard Penniman, back in Macon, Georgia :
Enotris Johnson and his wife, Ann Johnson, devout white Seventh Day Adventists, adopted and raised a total of a dozen children, both black and white. One of these was Richard Penniman, who took on the stage name of Little Richard in the '50s. The Johnson's ran the Tick Tock Club, where Richard first performed.
For other sources, Enotris was a little girl :
Honey Chile, a popular disc jockey  introduced Robert Blackwell (Little Richard producer in New Orleans) to a young girl named Enotris Johnson who walked from Appaloosa, Mississippi to New Orleans to find Little Richard and sell him an idea for a song, because her aunt was sick and they needed the money to put her in the hospital.
Go figure. Was Enotris Johnson a real person ?  Or perhaps, the songs were not penned by Enotris Johnson but by another person of the same name ?   You can't really count on internet for debunking the false beliefs.  Incidentally, I've read that Yoko Ono is a singer.  And Tutankhamun is my ancestor.

The Enotris Johnson case is discussed here

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