Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No Need For Crying

Ricki Pal
with Adam Ross Orchestra

No Need For Crying

w & m Joe Lubin, Irvin J. Roth a.k.a. Adam Ross, & Ricki Pal (1958-10-23)
Arwin MM-115-45

Ricki Pal, "23-year-old nitery thrush" was signed to a three-year contract by Marty Melcher, head of Arwin Records (and also the abusive husband of movie star Doris Day).  
The flipside, Just Outside of Love, saw some action on WIVY, Jacksonville, Florida in November 1958.   Ricki Pal was on American Bandstand on 30 December 1958.  This is seemingly her only record. 

No further info.

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