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"Rolls" Royce and The Wheels


Constellation Records #133

Musician/drummer Royce McAfee toured with Johnny Carroll and the Spinners in the 50s and 60s, for Warner Bros. and Capitol Records. He led The Unique Three and the Royce McAfee Combo in the 60s and 70s. He owned Royce McAfee Music and was publisher and producer on his ARA Record label. 

Rolls Royce & The Wheels were sessions players in Dallas Texas mostly doing commercials and jingles for radio.  They were also the band to back Mary Smith..aka Lady Wilde (born Mary Murray, March 1942 in Liverpool, England). on "Poor Kid" (ARA, 1965).

Royce met Judy Glenn at high school in Ft. Worth, TX. and they later married in Childress, Texas in 1959, 1959. Royce McAfee, born in Oklahoma in 1941, passed away at his home in Kaufman Co., Texas on January 6, 2015.

Judy McAfee, Royce's wife, is the composer of the song featured here and also probably the female heard on the record.


1963 Warner Bros 5397
Royce McAfee Combo Featuring Joe Davis / Royce McAfee Combo
Once There Was Love / Hot Links

1964 Constellation 133
"Rolls" Royce And The Wheels
The Frog / Topless

1965  ARA 640J-1913
"Rolls" Royce And The Wheels
1 - 2 Many / Above And Beyond

1965 ARA S4KM-8318/9
"Rolls" Royce And The Wheels
Afro-Au-Gogo / Ahh Phooey ‎

ARA label 1965-1966 see

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