Saturday, April 27, 2019

Rose Murphy, "The Chee Chee Girl"

Rose Murphy, "The Chee Chee Girl"

Rose Murphy

Her recording career spans most of the 1940's to 1963 with original releases on AFRS Jubilee, Majestic, Mercury, Victor, Decca, Verve, United Artists, Regina plus one last session cut in 1980 in Nice, France for Black & Blue.  She is best known for her high-pitched singing style, which incorporated scat singing, giggling, and percussive sound effects.

Nicknamed the Chee Chee Girl:
“People asked me to sing a song and I didn't know the lyrics,” said Miss Murphy. “So all of a sudden the “cheechee” sound came to me. I was just kidding around. But people kept saying, “do ‘chee-chee.’ “ It's just part of me. It doesn't mean anything.”
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