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Tipsy Topsy Turvey

Lee Scott

Tipsy Topsy Turvey

Song-poem issued on Hollywood's Columbine Records on one of their "The Now Sounds Of Today" albums. The song has been also compiled on Songs in the Key of Z (volume 3).

Columbine Records made hundreds of different albums with this exact same title and cover art. They were never sold in stores. They only pressed 50 or so copies of each, which were only offered for sale to the people who actually had songs on them.  Columbine would also send a few copies to radio stations (as promised in their ads), who would always throw them away unopened.

From Philadelphia, Lee Scott made her initial appearance on records for the Wynne label in 1959 . She has appeared on radio and television in the Philadelphia area, and has also appeared in some of the leading supper clubs throughout the country.  Her musicial talents were not merely confined to vocalizing. She studied piano for many years and gained quite a reputation in her native philadelphia as a popular jazz and concert pianist.

She was also a songwriter herself.  Among the songs she wrote : Six Button Benny (The Nite Riders, Teen and Swan),  By Now (Billy Duke, Sound), Forget Me Not (The Fabulous Dials, D'n'B) and "The Conservative"(The Orlons, Cameo Records in 1962)

Her real name was Dollee Escourt, a name she also used for writing or recording songs.  (there was at least one record issued as by Dollee Escourt on the Malvern label)

Anna Caspelle
, the composer of Tipsy Topsy Turvey, died in 2008 in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Also known as Natalie Leonesio, she copyrighted several songs and stories in the mid-seventies, "The Planet Crazoid Speaks" and "Star Gazer and Vega (The Blue One)",  just to name a few.

Above : Columbine Records ad
From Ebony Magazine, July 1981

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