Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wrong Yo Yo (The Suades)

Picture credit : Terry Gordon

The Suades
featuring Rosie Stevens

Wrong Yo Yo

The Suades were Rosie Stevens Argabright, Randy Larson, Wayne Cooper, Dick O"Neal, and R.J. Myers.
Myers left the band in 1962 and was replaced on drums by Tom Schleuger.

Where are they now (2001) :
Cooper, a musician in Minneapolis until 1983, now lives in Conway, Mo. where he owns a cabinet/woodworking business.

O'Neal was newspaper editor in Pochahontas for 17 years and is now a construction manager in Phoenix, AZ.

Larson retired as an engineer from Collins Radio and now lives in Solon.

Myers was a college art professor and now substitute teaches in the Humboldt area.

Rosie Stevens Argabright recently retired after 32 years as Emmetsburg City Clerk.

Schleuger joined the fort Dodge Fire Dept. in 1969 and was killed on his first call as a firefighter.

Source : Iowa Rock'n Roll Music Association 2001 Hall of Fame Inductee


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