Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hickory Dickory Rock

Danny Lamego And His Jumpin’ Jacks

Andrea Records – address is 1650 Broadway N.Y.C.

Hickory Dickory Rock
(Bernie Baum-F. Kaye) All Star BMI

(Milton Kaye-Joseph. Riccitelli) All Star BMI


Second (and last?) release on the Andrea label. First release was the Harptones, pulled away from Old Town Records by Leo Rogers who had just set up Andrea Records (with new partner Sid Arky).

Danny Lamego and the Jumpin' Jacks had also records on Josie and ABC. Danny Lamego, as Danny Peppermint, had records in the early sixties on Carlton (including an album titled "Twist" and the hit "The Peppermint Twist").

In January 1962, Danny Peppermint was nearly killed when he receives an electric shock from a microphone stand at the Thunderbird Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was rushed to a hospital where he recovers, and didn't died, contrary to the information found in Joel Whitburn's Top Pop singles 1955-1983.

Danny Lamego filmed in 2007
He's alive, but people around don't care.



  1. What label was "RUDY'S ROCK" ON Collector (Holland) CD - CLCD 4512 "Rock & Roll Covers Hot Steamy Lovers Vol.4" (2007) on any ideas? Thanks Dean

  2. THis seems to have been issued in Belgium on Ronnex - 1192 with Hucklebuck / Hickory Dickory Dock (1957)

  3. "Rudy's Rock" was issued on an album on the Forget-Me-Not label (#105) out of New-York, and titled "The Big Weekend". It was recorded live in 4 different clubs, 3 in New Jersey and one in New York in 1964.

    Also possibly issued on a single on the same label? I don't known.

  4. Thanks for the song and info. The 2007 video is a hoot! I have his stereo Carlton LP, and would like to find some of his other records.

  5. Don't know how rare this release,but mainly being a predominantly a 78 collector,this is one andrea release i don't have!!!

  6. "... but people around him don't care." Sad story...