Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Baby, Whoa Baby, Oh

The "We're Not" Sisters
with the Rosebud Orchestra

Oh Baby, Whoa Baby, Oh
(Burden, Evelyn Music BMI)


Judy Hayden, Sharon Peek (or Peak?) of Chandler and Sally Marshell (or Martell?) were the We're Not Sisters, three students at the Oklahoma State University. The trio won on Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts television show winning $1,000. The trio made several apperances on an Oklahoma City television series.

Judy Hayden born in 1938 in Quapaw, OK. Later played various nurse characters on TV's "M.A.S.H." (1972) while her first husband, actor Mike Farrell, was a cast member in the role of Captain BJ Hunnicutt.

Mike Farrell wrote in his autobiography :

Judy Hayden, a great-looking, very talented graduate of Okalhoma State University, had come west to get her master's degree in theater before applying to teach high school. She had been part of a popular singing trio in school, but wasn't sure about pursuing a career in the business.

Great-looking, surely she was. She also had probably what it takes when in 1961, a then OSU graduate, she played in "Guys and Dolls" at the University auditorium, for a three-day run, the role of Adelaide, a Hot Box nightclub stripper.

Bill Burden was the founder of Rose Records in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where he run also a talent agency , Rose Artists Incorporated.

He apparently later gave up the music business and relocated to Dallas, Texas, where he owned Memory Master®, a registered trademark used for Educational Services-Namely, Conducting Classes, Lectures, and Correspondence Courses, and Distributing Printed Materials For Use Therein For the Improvement of the Memory and Mind.

He owned also Chocolate Lovers, (1996) wholesale club memberships for chocolates and other candy.



  1. Any chance you can give us the B-Side title?


    1. Straight country on the flip "Oklahoma Waltz"

  2. Any chance of getting a copy of tune/45? BTW, it’s Sharon Peek. She is my mother.