Friday, July 6, 2012

Come Back and Love Me

Judy Tolbert
(11 Years Old)

Come Back and Love Me
(wr. Jerry Reed)

Stars Records


This is the flip of "I’m Wise to You Now " available on, at least, three compilations, and indeed on YouTube.

Judy Tolbert's second single for one of the many labels owned by Bill Lowery out of Atlanta, Georgia. According to Rockin' Country Style the age reference on the label of Stars 543 is inaccurate, Judy was born in 1943 in Gadsden, Ala. Claudette Tolbert wrote "I'm Wise" and may have been Judy's mother ?



  1. Thanks for the flip. I was expecting a teen weeper or a hillbilly ballad, not a Rockabilly Jiver. Again nice Rockin' guitar maybe its Jerry Reeds band doing the backing?

  2. Good rockin' record! She sounds so self-assured for a 14-year old.