Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shakey Pattie Lou

The Big Shots

Shakey Pattie Lou
Fred Wolf, Active (ASCAP)

Air Records

Unusually good song-poem record.

The writer, Fred Wolf, wrote several songs also issued by Air Records just about the same time :

Music For Four Footers (sung by Jeff Reynolds)

Get Yourself A Mountain Woman / Got My Mountain Woman (both sung by Joe Staunton)

Come With Me My Billie (Ruby Rogers)

Blue Butterflies (Rod Rogers)

Three Old Men On A Farm / Too Much Zoo (both sung by Joe Staunton)

Spanishtown Polka / Little Red Schoolhouse Polka (both by Rod Rogers)


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  1. Here's a bit I plucked off the song poem website about AIR

    "While most of the major song-poem companies maintained their own studios, Jack Curry's Air label, located clear across the bottom of the U.S. map in Miami, neatly complemented Hudson's operation, with a label but no studio. Although still subcontracting masters from other song-poem production houses, Curry became one of Hudson's best customers, and many of the recordings on Air and its "subsidiary" custom labels were Lee Hudson productions" Lee Hudson had a studio in Northridge California, but no label. I wonder where Jack Got this one from?

    According to the song poem website Air was also Hasil Adkins first label. He was billed as "Hasil Adkins and his Happy Guitar". I think it's always best if your guitar is happy.