Sunday, September 1, 2013

B.B. (sur un air de samba)

Silvo Silvera and his Brazilian Orchestra
(Miguel Gustavo, Plan Two ASCAP)
Barclay 300

Written by Miguel Gustavo. First released in Brazil in December 1960 by Jorge Veiga on Copacabana,  it was an international hit on Barclay the year after. Many, many versions followed.  A lot are available on YouTube (links below), but not this Silvio Silvera version and also my favorite.

"Brigitte Bardot" versions on YouTube

Jorge Veiga Brazil, the original version 15.558 views

and in order of number of views top down :

Dario Moreno Born in Turkey, but most of his career was in France. 470.944 views

Roberto Seto  (Live, 2 mn)   25.852 views

Roberto Seto  Armenian-French artist. Full track (2 mn 20) 12.883 views

Chakachas    Belgian group. 12.693 views

Gastone Parigi  (Scopitone, Italy) 7.711 views

Laila Kinnunen
(Finland) 2.203 views

The Emeralds    Moluccan duet established in the Netherlands   1.673 views

Marion Rung (Mexico) 1.170 views

Michelino  (Italy) 1.151 views

Eddy Kouyioumdjian   580 views. Amateur accordionist from Greece.  Has posted 1.308 videos onYouTube. I've not checked - and you'll certainly understand why- , but it seems that ALL features Eddy himself.

Digno Garcia  (Spain) 454 views

Ljiljana Petrović  (Serbian) 382 views

Antonio Del Playa   85 views (Was on a budget label called "Stella for Teenagers", from Belgium)

Achilles and his Heels  8 views (On Fontana, United Kingdom)

And among other versions (unheard) :

  • Burt Bachrach [sic] orchestra (vocal Joel Grey), Bigtop (USA)
  • Josepe Torres y sus Cumbacitos, Disco Foon (Netherlands) , on W&G (Australia, "A Teeny recording")
  • Günter Moritz and Milly Arduini (Elite Special, Germany)
  • Orchestra Da Ballo "Italfon" canta Gino Rotigliano (Italfon, Italy)
  • Jack van Doorn und der Botho Lucas-Chor (Columbia, Germany)
  • Jean-Marc Torchy (Marianne Mélodie, France)
  • Mike Westbrook's Brass Band (English jazz pianist, Transatlantic, 70s)
  • Serge Maldini (Vesuvius, Italy)

The couple who never was
Hey John, wherever you are.  I'm not a big expert of Photoshop, 
but here it is : you and B.B. on the cover of Two Virgins!
That's how it should have been.

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