Monday, November 11, 2013

The idea of progress

Interesting design for this California label founded early 1963 by L.A. saxophonist and band leader Zeke Strong. 

The idea of progress, that relentless technical progress improving the human condition, is here illustrated by four means of transportation.

However, uncertainty come out because of the opposite directions that the vehicules are taking. Where is the future?
  • Towards the right, like the old wagon and old car seems to be moving?.  
  • Towards the left, like the modern car and the airplane seems to go?
No matter what, as, paraphrasing the great french philosopher Pierre Dac : "On a l'avenir devant soi, mais quand on fait demi-tour, on l'a dans le dos" which can be translated like that :" The future is in front of us, but each time we make a U-turn, it's on our  back ".

 Pioneer  Days

 Roaring 20's

 Gay 50's

Featuristic 60's

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