Monday, February 10, 2014

The Lip

Doug Johnson & The Outlaws

Johnson-Pitman, Venetia Pub. BMI
Prod Howard Pitman-Doug Johnson
Corina 101

"The Lip" was also issued on Witch Records.  A previous record issued in late '62 by Doug Johnson and the Outlaws was on Bethlehem Records.  You can listen to both sides on YouTube.

Doug Johnson, about who little info can be found, collaborated with Howard Pitman for a release on Concord Records by the Candidates. Concord Records was started by Howard Pitman, a former member of the Five Chances on Blue Lake.  Initial release was "The Gorilla" by The Ideals. The master was leased to Cortland Records.

Venetia Music was owned by Bill Erman.  He was the owner of the Diamond Coal Company, at 1501 Est Cortland on the Chicago North Side.  He made his money from coal and oil, but his real love was music.  Bill Erman founded the first of his labels in 1961 : Witch and Cortland for r&b music and Ermine for rock 'n' roll and country music.  (Robert Pruter : "Chicago Soul", book)

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