Thursday, November 13, 2014

Besame Mucho

Sherri Malinou

Vassar 326


Was issued with a picture sleeve. The new "Spillane Dame" is presented on the back of the sleeve by her future husband, the crime novelist Mickey Spillane
Great things can happen by accident.  When Sherri Malinou posed for the back cover photo of my latest book THE GIRL HUNTERS,  I discovered not only a beautiful model, but one of the greatest voices I ever heard.  Now, on top of recordind single records and albums for Vassar Records, she'll be featured in my Mike Hammer motion pictures produced by Fellane Productions.

Although just entering her twenties, Sherri's dancing career goes back to age five and the vaudeville stage.  She sang and danced her way into the Bell Telephone Hour, the Ray Bolger Broadway hit ALL AMERICAN, the award-winning off-Broadway show Riverwind and the Oldsmobile Show.

A throroughly trained and talented singer, Sherri Malinou's voice has an incredible range and calibre.  She can inspire musicians and listeners alike.  Arranger, Lew Douglas sweeps her into new dimensions of song and sound destined to thrill music lovers of all ages.
Note : she was not featured in "The Girl Hunters" movie and I can't find evidence of further recordings by Selma (Sherri) Malinou.

Sherri on the book cover
photographied by Mickey Spillane 

Her marriage ended in divorce (and a lawsuit) in 1983.  She found work later with Ruth Webb, a talent agent, as casting agent in her Scandal Agency  : 
Although Ms. Webb chats plenty on the phone, she spends most of her day up in her bedroom, with her 1,500 stuffed raccoons, typing out her memoirs. Ms. Spillane and another agent, Scott Stander, appear to be the real worker bees. Each morning, they plow through a list of available roles, looking for spots for their clients.
Casting agent for pimps, athletes connected to violent crimes and "actors" who are associated with athletes connected to violent crimes, Sherri Spillane.says that her job is really good old-fashioned charity work.

"I help people,"
she said about the scandalous (or as she prefers to call them, "high-profile, controversial") client list she recently developed at the Ruth Webb talent agency here. The first was the figure skater Tonya Harding, who was stripped of her national championship for her role in the attack on her rival, Nancy Kerrigan, last year. [1994)

Since signing Ms. Harding eight months ago, Ms. Spillane has also picked up Sydney Biddle Barrows (who ran a high-end prostitution ring several years ago and wrote "The Mayflower Madam"); Jennifer Young, the roommate to another madam, Heidi Fleiss, whose clothing line she markets; Tammy Faye Bakker; Randal Tamayei, a Judge Lance Ito look-alike, and her personal favorite, Joey Buttafuoco, the auto mechanic whose romantic trysts with a Long Island teen-ager, Amy Fisher, resulted in a bullet wound to the head for his wife, Mary Jo, and, thanks to the agency, a few tickets to the Academy Awards ceremonies.
And just what qualifies Sherri Spillane for this scandalous task?

Well, according to the company's press release: "Sherri's own scandal, dating Sammy Davis Jr., while still married to world famous mystery writer, Mickey Spillane, has given her all the experience she would need dealing with the media blitz that follows every major scandal . . . Sherri recognized an opportunity in an uncharted market and found her niche."

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