Monday, November 9, 2015

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings from your Dodge Dealer and Lawrence Welk

This is my pleasure to be the very first to wish you a Merry Christmas, courtesy of The Lennon Sisters,  and your Dodge dealer too.   And also of Lawrence Welk, even  he didn't doing much, except maybe scratching his nose or other parts.

Make Every Day You Drive A Holiday

You'll never know what real enjoyment driving can be until you put a Swept-Wing 58 by Dodge through its paces.  You'll relax in the smooth road-hugging superiority of its exclusive Torsion-Aire suspension.  You'll appreciate the unmatched ease and convenience of famous Dodge Püsh-Button transmissions.  You'll drive with greater confidence and assurance with the added safety of Dodge Total-contact Brakes and the alert responsiveness of Constant-Control Power Sterring.  And there's an extra measure of satisfaction in knowing that this fresh Swept-Wing styling will set the place for years to come.

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  1. God, I love stuff like this. Thank you for posting this (and everything else). Just found your blog and look forward to browsing.
    Was also just watching the trailer for the Industrial Musicals Film Show too; I'm sure you would dig it. Not to mention that the second car I ever owned was a 1962 Dodge Polara with a push-button (Püsh-Button?) transmission; the reverse button would fall off but only after I had parallel parked.