Friday, July 1, 2016

Baby, Cut It Out

The Floaters

Baby, Cut It Out

Audio Recording AR-122

According to, the Floaters were Bill Arnold, guitar, Bob McDermid, trumpet, Duffy Nightengale, keyboards, Ronnie Pierce, saxophone  and Arthur "Ben" Wise, drums.   There is no mention of a female vocalist heard on "Baby, Cut It Out". Who is she ?

The Floaters also recorded a quite rare album on the same label titled "See Blue At The Vault" with the following tracks :  Camel Caper -  Soul - 2nd Avenue Jerk -  Root Beer Float -  I Love You Girl - Mount Up - Bossa Nova Baby -  What Time Is It // I See Blue - Jerk Right - Mediterranean Go Go - Uptown Walk -  Subterranean Go Go - Luigi's Lasagne - Out Of Sight  (Audio Recording ARLS-1216).  Songs on the album were penned by Bob Deimid (McDermid?) or by Al Sweet, who may have been a Floater for a while.

Ronnie Pierce, a musician since the forties, also owned and operated The Vault, a rocking nightclub replete with go-go dancers, sailors and swingers, from 1962 to 1974.   An interview with Ron Pierce can be found here

Audio Recording was the in-house label of the recording studio owned by Kearney Barton

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  1. For early R'N'R from (WA) check out Tim Mills channel on youtube sometimes he post both sides in same video so you may have to split. Dean