Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Rudy Harvey And The Pips
R.D. Stokes Band

Capri 103


Better known as a DJ and entrepreneur, Rudy Harvey owned and operated several labels in California :
Capri (58), Dynamic (60-61) Dynamite (62) Titanic (62-63), Amazon (62-63) and Azuza.  

Henry Strogin, a long time friend of Rudy Harvey, reported :
We received the astonishing and shocking news that Rudy was found dead. That was shocking and surely it was surprising to say the least. To this date, we never found out the details of the death of Rudy Harvey.
There was much talking about Rudy having ties to the «mob». If he was and did have ties, we knew nothing about it. Rudy was a young man of about 28 or 29 years.

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