Saturday, February 8, 2020

That Jive

Vitacoustic unissued

Kitty Stevenson (1918-1952)

Born in Thompson, Georgia, Kitty Stevenson came to Detroit in 1929. She started out as a dancer and her first singing job in Detroit with Lorenzo Lawson at Lee's Sensation. Under the management of Al Green she toured widely in 1950 and 1951.  Kitty Stevenson was known as the "Blues Bombshell" in her brief career.  Her son is Motown producer & songwriter Mickey Stevenson

Vitacoustic recording from December 1947.  Vitacoustic was a Chicago independent, associated with the up-and-coming Universal Recording operation. It collapsed into bankruptcy in less than a year, amid nasty management disputes, after investing heavily in recorded material that would never see release.  [...] Because it spent freely on Billboard ads, and its riches-to-rags story attracted a lot of coverage, the company's story is much better documented in contemporary sources than was usual for small labels.

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