Friday, February 12, 2021

Chuck Tillman Trio, vocal Helyne Stewart

Chuck Tillman Trio
Vocal Helyne Stewart

A) A Smile Will Drive You Frown Away
B)  I Want To Met Santa At Home

Nu-Tune Records; 11292
George Wood Productions
4346 McPherson  St Louis 8, Mo


Born in East St. Louis, Illinois, Helyne started singing popular songs with an a cappella choir at the Lincoln High School. In a higher grade at the same school was another youngster with an interest in music, a dentist's son who played in the high school band, his name was Miles Davis.

Read more below (excerpt from the liner notes of her album issued on Contemporary Records in 1962)

Helyne Stewart discography

As Helen Stewart, member of The Caldwells, see :



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