Friday, June 10, 2022

Twist A Hip

Twist A Hip

wr. Ray Saracen, Talent Pub. ASCAP

Sonny Nichols is the pseudonym of John Mangiaracina, previously a member of The Criterions.

John Mangiaracina was a junior at Point Pleasant Beach High School when he joined the Criterions in February 1959. He’d already been singing solo at various area Lion’s Clubs, Asbury Park High School and at the Bloomfield Sock Hop. John could also play the guitar and tenor sax. While he’d never taken formal music lessons, he was playing tenor sax on the all state band. John is the lead singer on the Criterions “Don’t Say Goodbye” (on Cecilia & Laurie Records)

John Mangiaracina would graduate from North Texas State University with a bachelor degree in music and music education. After serving four years in the Air Force he moved to Texas.

John Mangiaracina a.k.a Sonny Nichols

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  1. I was expecting something awful, but this isn't bad at all. In fact, it's good.
    No surprise to find out it's from Philadelphia because the arrangement is just like Bobby Rydell on Cameo-Parkway and that awful "Dee Dee Dinah" by Frankie Avalon on Chancellor.
    I was a kid around this time when a lot of this stuff was selling, and this could've gotten airplay on a stronger label.