Saturday, September 16, 2023

In praise of the "Almost"


Why in praise of the almost ? Firstly, I'm fascinated by what is so close and yet sometimes inaccessible. Secondly, I lack inspiration today.

Almost - Not Quite - So Close


Dipper's Quintet - It's Almost Christmas                                                                 
Ernest Tubb - Almost to Tulsa                                                                     
Gene Summers - Almost 12 O'Clock                                                                   
Gordon Terry - Almost Alone                                                                     
Jean Robinson- School Is Almost Over                                                               
Jim Busby - Not Quite in Nashville                                                                   
Joe South - She's Almost You                                                                       
Millie Asher - I Almost Laughed Today                                                                
Ral Donner - So Close To Heaven                                                                      
Robert Wagner - Almost Eighteen                                                                      
The Astronauts - Almost Grown                                                                      
The Corsairs - It's Almost Sunday Morning 


  1. Thanks. I'm a fan of themed compilations.

  2. Almost In Love - Elvis Presley
    Almost Saturday Night - John Fogerty / Dave Edmunds
    Almost Persuaded - David Houston
    Almost Paradise - Roger Williams / Norman Petty / Lou Stein
    Almost Paradise - Mike Reno & Ann Wilson
    Almost Eighteen - Roy Orbison
    Almost Grown - Chuck Berry
    Almost There - Andy Williams
    A;most Like Being In Love -- Frank Sinatra
    Almost Unreal - Roxette
    Almost Over You - Sheena Easton
    Almost In Your Arms - Johnny Nash / Sam Cooke
    Almost Always - Joni James