Sunday, June 23, 2024

The Little Monster


Russ (Big Daddy) Blackwell

The Little Monster

G. Norris, R. Blackwell, V. Chiarelli
Brandom Music Co. ASCAP
Arr. & cond. by Cliff Parman
Prod. by Bud Brandom

Vincent Records (VR-117)

Audio above is from Twisted Tales From The Vinyl Wastelands Vol. 8 Please Don't Go Topless Mother

You've had a long, bad day at work, after being stuck in a traffic jam, you finally get home. Your wife left you a note saying she will be home late because she has a tango class with your best friend. How she always hated to dance ! The dinner is cold, the beer hot. It's time to relax yourself listening to Russ Big Daddy Blackwell telling a little story titled "The Little Monster".

Back in 1937, on a cold, frosty morn,
in a little four room farmhouse, was a baby boy born.
Had his parents known the grief and shame this child would bring to them
they would have traded with a devil for a child to replace him.
But of course, they couldn't know what kind of monster was their child.
As a baby, he was normal, though his eyes were bleak and wild.
And until his 7th birthday, he'd done nothing really wrong.
Then he killed his little sister with a broken pitchfork prong.
And as his sister lay there dying in the awful crimson flood,
he noticed how his hands and arms were stained with drops of blood.
Well, he couldn't face his mother, couldn't tell her what he'd done.
So he crept into the house, got his father's old shotgun.
Now, the gun was always loaded with a heavy powder charge.
It was used to kill the vicious beast that roamed the hills at large.
When the boy's mother happened to step out the kitchen door,
he pressed down upon the trigger and his mother lived no more.
With the echo of the shotgun flash still ringing in his ears,
little killer watched his father find his mother and shed tears.
He crept up behind his father with a razor sharp,
just like Lizzie Borden gave his father 40 whacks.


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