Thursday, August 12, 2010

Royalty, Snow, Travis, Rector...

Listed in Rockin' Country Style without location. The record was recently on eBay with the picture of the B-side having sticker of Royalty Records - years of research regarding its location are ended -:

Royalty Records
802 Lillius Street
Abilene, Texas


In Billboard (classified section - Miscellaneous, April 25, 1960), I've found this little ad :

AT LIBERTY – BOB TRAVIS, TEXAS’ craziest comedian and A.F.M. musician. Clean comedy and plays several different musical instruments. Specialize on bass and drums. Sober. Open for anything and reliable. Write : 802 Lillius St., Abilene, Tex.
Same address and same year for the Royalty release and the Bob Travis Billboard ad. I assume that sober Bob Travis produced the record.

Bob Travis may be also the band leader credited on Royalty 213 (reviewed in Billboard, July 9, 1955), which featured one Teresa Rector on vocal : "Starlight Up In Heaven" b/w "Just A Hand-me-down", both published by 4 Star Sales BMI.

Bob Travis may also have been the vocalist credited on Almata 101 (released in 1957) :

The Royalairs Combo [ note the persistence of the royal theme ] / Vocal By Bob Travis
"Hey Ho Hey Ho Ho Ho Baby, Baby b/w Starlight Up In Heaven

As to Teresa Rector, she is now yodeling for Jesus :

After several failed marriages and years of alcohol and drug abuse, the Holy Spirit spoke to Theresa and through ‘prophetic dreams and visions’ helped here to write the landmark song: I Wanna Yodel for the LORD!

She also recorded great works such as Hallelulollalululujah Praise The Lord and I’m Gonna Yodel My Way To Heaven.

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