Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Travelers with Danny Cavedo

The Travelers with Danny Cavedo

Not The Kind / That's All

Chi 108


Chi Records : a subsidiary of Bett-Coe Records, Chicago

Billboard, July 6, 1963

Chicago – A small Mid-western record label named Bett-Coe Music is churning up excitement throughout the territory.

The firm is owned by Bettie M. Colebaugh of nearby Moline. She also owns Bett-Coe Publishing, a BMI affiliate. In fact, she writes the songs, arrange them, signs the artists (all local names), supervises the recording (done at Owen Bradley Studios, Nashville), and runs around to help with her own promotion.

She’s put out two records : « Check That Baby Out, One Time » by Randy Proffitt and the Beachcombers, and « Over, All Over, » by Carolyn Chipman and the Beachcombers. The Jordanaires back both groups.

She’s moved 23,000 copies of the two disks, mostly in the Rock Island-Moline area. One large shopping center in Moline actually ordered 10,000 records following a very successful record hop at which Randy Proffitt and Carolyn Chipman appeared



  1. Nice Guitar pity about the teen vocals. Thanks D

  2. By the by, the Chicago record label that put this out was apparently operated by one woman, who ran it the building I currently reside in. The only other recording from Bett-Coe that I've been able to identify is "It's Getting Mighty Close to Christmas" by Christopher Bell. Sample here:

    Thanks so much for posting this! I may have to learn to play this.