Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey, Miss Lula

Wally Mercer

Hey, Miss Lula

Ring Records

A product of Cactus Records, Inc.
Box 1224 - Nashville, Tenn.



Short-lived label owned by Murray Nash. #1501 was issued on Cactus (Sky Johnson). #1503 on Ring (Red Kirk). All releases from 1957.

From the epilogue of "Trumpet Records: Diamonds on Farish Street" a book by Marc Ryan :

For years after the demise of her Trumpet label, Lillian McMurry maintained an active interest in Globe Music, the publishing company where most tunes issued on Trumpet, as well as many others never isued, reposed.

In 1957, she was instrumental in effecting a contract between blues singer Wally Mercer and R. Murray Nash and Associates in Nashville, arranged for several Globe songs originally recorded by Mercer for Trumpet in 1954 to be rerecorded and released on Nash’s Ring label. These included « Hay ! Miss Lula, » which had potential as a rock ‘n’ roll release. Although at least one Mercer was issued on Ring, very few copies seem to have been circulated, and Nash’s venture was soon defunct. Lillian was never offically notified of the release, nor was she compensated for Globe’s songs or for the session fees which she had fronted for the rerecording of « Hey ! Miss Lula » and « Love Me, don’t Put Me Down. »



  1. I found this record among my late parents-in-laws boxes, stored away. They kept everything they ever owned including a box full of 45's with lots of unknown (to us) labels and artists. After lots of searching, I found your post.
    thank you!

  2. Bob,

    do you have also a scan of the flip side? We need a label scan for an upcoming Trumpet Records article in American Music Magazine. Thanks in advance!