Saturday, August 13, 2011

Penny Jay & Vernon Dee on Forest

Penny Jay & Vernon Dee

You're Stepping Out On Me

That's Tough

Forest Records


The Forest label was likely from Nashville (the label had ten releases or so between 1961 and 1965)

Vernon Dee is almost certainly Vernon Derrick, a longtime member of Jimmy Martin's bluegrass band (1964-1970).

Great pictures of Penny Jay can be found at the Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum HERE



  1. Fantastic! Country Rocker right up my street Thanks. Forest (TN) 45 - 2007 is by Vernon Derrick : Seven Come Eleven / Let Go Your Love, Little Girl sound similar in voice & guitar style so could be the same man as Vernon Dee. Both Nice Country Rockers which can be found on the Collector CLCD series. I've seen Forest (TN) 45 - 2001 James Reynolds - Someone Like You / ? listed as a rockabilly track but not heard it.