Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yo Yo

Mr. M.B.

Yo Yo

Elmore Records
West Point Mississippi

This is Mack Banks.

In the wake of Elvis Presley’s breakthrough in 1955, Banks “got on that style” and “went from hard-core country to rock’n’roll.” At Houston, Mississippi, radio station WCPC (620 AM), he made tape recordings of two songs, “Be Boppin’ Daddy” and “You’re So Dumb”, which became local hits. With assistance from WCPC’s owner Robin Mathis, Banks recorded the songs in 1956 as a single under the name Mack Banks & His Drifting Troubadours for the Houston-based Fame label.
Note : Houston, Mississippi, that is.

Mack Banks founded Mack’s Western Supper Club in Crawford in 1967. Banks himself performed at the Supper Club every weekend from 1967 until July 1994, when the club burned down. The club featured chicken wire in front of the stage to protect the band from flying bottles, and beginning in the ‘80s it became a popular destination for students from Mississippi State. By this time Banks had stopped performing with a band, and appeared solo with his guitar performing his own irreverent comedy songs.

More about Mack Banks HERE (at the Mississippi Arts Commission website)


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