Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tick Tock Rock

Eddie L. Davis & The Bureaucats

Tick Tock Rock
(Wayne Corps-Davis)

Fable Records 637

Edward LouisDavis had been a child actor. He did a lot of films. Then he became a restaurant owner in 1953. It was called the Eddie Davis Parkway Grill. He became very financially secure. From there he bought another restaurant, the Eddie Davis Steakhouse Supper Club. Then he got into music.

He decided to cut his own records :

On Vita 170 : Heart Of Ice / To Be Or Not To Be (57)
On Fable 637: Eddie L. Davis & The Bureaucats : Teen Age Brain Surgeon / Tick Tock Rock ('58)

and on Faro 596 ('59) : Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea / Love Me As Though There Were No Tomorrow (duet with Connie Stevens, as by Ed Davis)
He realized he didn't have the talent to make it as a singer and decided to move into record production and label ownership. In 1958, by selling his restaurants and other businesses, Davis accumulated the necessary capital to incorporate his own record firm, Faro Productions.

As a producer and owner of the Faro, Linda, Rampart, Valhalla, Prospect, Boomerang, and Gordo labels, Eddie Davis was a major figure in the East Los Angeles rock scene of the 1960s and early '70s. (He was dubbed "the Barry Gordy of East L.A.").

Davis produced and released records by a bunch of Mexican-American East L.A. bands, including the Romancers, Cannibal & the Headhunters, the Blendells, and the Premiers. ..

He died in 1994.

Eddie Davis (circa 1958) Parkway Grill Restaurant, Hollywood

Eddie quote :

"If anybody thinks I got rich over my East Los Angeles music, they're wrong. I cooked a lot of hamburgers to make those records."

Further reading: Eddie Davis bio by Richie Unterberger.

Fable label shot : Terry Gordon (Rockin' Country Style)



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