Monday, November 28, 2011

Back To School Again Blues

Quinn Gets Decca Pact :
Decca Records has signed Andy Quinn, a 25-year- old warbler-cleffer to an exclusive pact. With his first releases next week, Quinn will leave on a seven-city promotion trip (BILLBOARD, September 2, 1957)
Andy Quinn performed the flip side, "Rock-A-Boogie" on The Ed Sullivan Show" on October 27, 1957. He had three releases on Decca Records, all listed in Rockin' Country Style.

That's all I can't find on this "warbler-cleffer".

Post-Scriptum : "Rock-A-Boogie", that's a song I would like to hear!


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  1. I can send you "Cantcha See" Decca 30843 if you need it? The short sound sample of Rock-A-Boogie on RCS sounds like novelty Horrow R'N'R!